Electrical Design Services

We provide electrical engineering services in many stages of a project, including feasibility, circuit design, verification and validation, testing, manufacturing support and failure analysis.

Embedded Software Development

Our team will write embedded code for you. This can be either a full turn-key application or a subset. We can write the low-level drivers for your chipset, or own a specific segment of the code.

Most importantly, we adhere to your coding practices and standards, which means that integrating our code into your team will be seamless.

PCB Layout

We offer PCB layout services to compliment your team, and allow them to focus on other areas of the project. This is done with your preferred CAD software, including KiCAD, Altium, and Eagle.

Design Reviews

We offer in-depth design reviews of schematics and PCBs. This includes reviews for reliability, manufacturability, testability, etc.

We strive to provide a thorough review, and raise any potential issues before they become true problems.

This comes from over a decade of experience with PCBs and addressing their manufacturability.

Next Steps…

Tell us about your project, your vision, or your problem, and we’ll do what we can to help you.